Aku Adapter DeWALT / BOSCH home & garden

24,80  including VAT

Adapter allows to use the DeWALT 18V (and MILWAUKEE 18V) batteries in 18V (green) BOSCH Home&Garden cordless power tools 18V Li-Ion and in tools of the system “POWER FOR ALL”  

Adapter is compatible with BOSCH Home&Garden tools and with tools of the “POWER FOR ALL” system: EasySaw, UniversalSaw, UniversalLamp, UniversalVac, UniversalDrill, UniversalImpact, UniversalImpactDrive, AdvancedRecip, AdvancedGrid, AdvancedMulti, AdvancedImpact, AdvancedCut, AdvancedDrill, UneoMaxx, PST18LI, PKS18LI, PSB18LI   AdvancedShear, EasyGrassCut, UniversalGrassCut, UniversalHedgePole, UniversalChain, UniversalChainPole   EasyCut, ComfortCut, THS42/18V P4A, AquaClean24/18VP4A, PowerJet      MultiJet, MultiBrush, WeedBrush EasiCut450 UltraCut500 UltraCutReach420 UltraTrim260 EasyTrim250 EasiCleanLi  1825, AR 1835, LB 1860, PS 1815, HTA 1845, CSA 1820, TL 1820, PW 1850, HT 1845, GT 1825 …

Adapter is compatible with DeWALT (and MILWAUKEE) 18V Li-Ion batteries:  :DCB182 DCB183 DCB184 DCB183B DCB184B DCB546 DCB547 and M18B2 M18B4 M18B5 M18B6 M18B9 M18B12 M18HB3 M18HB5.5 M18HB8 

The height of the adapter with the battery does not allow use in tools: GardenPump, CityMower, EasyMower, PSM18Li, AdvancedOrbit, AdvancedVac, Fontus …

PBA18V2.5Ah 1600A005B0  PBA18V4.0Ah 1600A011T8  PBA18V6.0Ah 1600A00DD  B50Li2,5Ah 113893 B75Li4,0Ah 113894 B100Li5,0Ah 1138935 B125Li6,0Ah 113896

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Adapter DM18BSC expands the possibilities of using DeWALT 18V batteries* (and MILWAUKEE 18V batteries)** for use in 18V BOSCH Home and Garden (green) tools and in tools of the system “POWER FOR ALL” 

  • the adapter can not be used to charge power tools batteries

Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 40 mm

Weight: 80 g

Price without VAT: 20,70€

*DCB182 DCB183 DCB184 DCB183B DCB184B DCB546 DCB547  

**M18B2 M18B4 M18B5 M18B6 M18B9 M18B12 M18HB3 M18HB5.5 M18HB8