Aku Adapter AEG / DeWALT

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Battery Adapter AG18DW increases the possibilities of using  AEG 18V Li-Ion batteries L1820S L1840S L1830RHD L1860RHD L1890RHD for the use in cordless power tools DeWALT 18V Li-Ion

Battery Adapter AG18DW compatible with DeWALT cordless tools:  : DCD791NT DCD991NT DCD792NT DCD992NT DCH243N DCH253N DCH253NT DCH273N DCH133NT DCH283NT DCF620N DCF622NT DCF887N DCF887NT DCF888N DCF888NT DCF894HN DCF894HNT DCF880N DCF880NT DCF899NDCF899NT DCF899HN DCF894N DCF894NT DCN692N DCN693N DCN660N DCN660NT DCN 680N DCN680NT DCN681N DCN682N DCN650N DCN890N DCP580N DCP580NT DCG412N DCG405N DCG405NT DCG406N DCG406NT DCE571N DCE580N DCGG571M1 DCM562PB DCM572N DCM561PB DCM563PB DCM565N DCV100 DCS380N DCS387N DCS387NT DCS388N DCS367N DCS367NT DCS391N DCS373N DCS391NT DCS373NT DCS575N DCS576N DCS570N DCS570NT DCS331N DCS331NT DCS355N DCS355NT DCS371N DCS371NT DCS551NT DCS350N DCS350NT DCS491N DCS491NT DCS365N DCS777N DCG412NT DCG426N

Battery Adapter AG18DW is compatible with AEG 18V Li-Ion batteries:  L1820S L1840S L1830RHD L1860RHD L1890RHD

(DCB183 DCB182 DCB184 DCB546 DCB547)

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Battery adapter AG18DW allows the use of 18V AEG batteries in 18V DeWALT battery tools

  • The battery adapter is not suitable for charging batteries

Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 80 mm

Weight: 100 g

Price without VAT: 20,67 €