Aku Adapter BOSCH / METABO (CAS)

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Battery Adapter BOSCH / METABO allows to use the 18V batteries BOSCH Professional in 18V cordless power tools METABO (Li-Ion LiHD) and CAS   

The adapter does not work in the METABO LTX tool, in the hot-air guns METABO HG18LTX500 and STEINEL MH3, MH5, plunge saw MAFFEL MT 55 18 M bl, in the mobile tank CEMO Dieseltrolley 60 l

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Battery Adapter BS18MTB expands the possibilities of using 18V batteries BOSCH 18V Professional* for use in 18V cordless power tools METABO (Li-Ion LiHD) and in tools of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS )

The adapter can not be use for charging the batteries

Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 40 mm

Weight: 120 g

* GBA18V2.0 GBA18V3.0 GBA18V4.0 GBA18V5.0 GBA18V6.0  ProCORE18V4.0Ah  ProCORE18V8.0Ah ProCORE18V12.0Ah

Compatibility with tools and batteries

AkuAdapter BS18MTB is compatible with 18V METABO (Li-Ion LiHD) and Cordless Alliance System (CAS) cordless power tools.  Adapter is not suitable for METABO cordless power tools LTX, heat guns STEINEL MH3 MH5 (METABO HG18LTX500), plunge saw MAFFEL MT 55 18M bl and CEMO Dieseltrolley 60 l

Adapter is compatible with BOSCH 18V Professional batteries: GBA18V2.0 GBA18V3.0 GBA18V4.0 GBA18V5.0 GBA18V6.0  ProCORE18V4.0Ah  ProCORE18V8.0Ah ProCORE18V12.0Ah

Adapter is not compatible with batteries: 625596000 625591000 625592000 625367000 625368000 625369000

Battery Adapter AkuAdapter

Battery adapters expand the possibilities of using cordless power tools batteries to the use in tools of another brand

Battery adapters allow the use of batteries in tools of another brand, which the original brand of tools does not have in its assortment or has, but with different parameters than required

Some models of battery adapters allow the use of new types of batteries (Li-Ion) in older cordless power tools (tools for the NiCd NiMH batteries)

AkuAdapters save money, space and the environment

When using the AkuAdapter, you do not need to buy additional batteries when buying another tool, you can better use the batteries you already have. Save money on the purchase of batteries and chargers, but also space in your workshop or work bag. By using the AkuAdapter, you save the environment at the same time. Batteries poison the environment, so the fewer in circulation, the better.

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  • 1. What are the payment methods?  Payment is possible PayPal, STRIPE
  • 2. What if I order the wrong adapter, can I exchange it?   Yes of course. If you send the adapter back, it will be replaced with a suitable type or the money will be refunded.
  • 3. What is the warranty for the battery adapter?   The warranty for the adapter is 2 years, for companies 1 year.